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Lone Bohr
Imagine waking up after a quiet night in a forest. Kiss your lover good morning and go out side to the outside shower. Let the - cold, I must admit - water run down your body, while you welcome the new day. Here, in the middle of paradise, totally without clothes, and clean and ready for a new day, I feel free! And the number of years I carry does not even seem to get close to reality. See you again some day!
Love to Peggy and Vincent from Tavs and me.
19 February 2002

Mads Winther
Hello Peggy and Vincent. The pictures give me fond memories of last summer. It was a fantastic week with you and Inez and Rob, and the other great couples. It is a comforting memory here in the dark winter in the North Atlantic. Hello and thank you to all the participants.
30 January 2002

Hans Joachim Wolf
In the mornings after a hot shower I take a cold shower. and within this 20 seconds my thoughts fly back to the waterfall in your house and this gives me the strength to even enjoy the cold water and a dark morning. The tangoweek in Frayssinette with the great people from various countries, with the superteachers/and dancers Biki and Muzo, with the intensive training with lots of fun, and the colourfull countrieside, the relaxed atmosphere, the delicious food .all this and much more I keep in good memory. I hope to find a chance to see you again this year.
29 January 2002

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