Next to the house lies a covered wooden dancefloor with a view on the valley.
On this intimate, "living" dancefloor we can receive dancers (couples), mostly from Holland,
Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, U.K., Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy etc.
Because of the international character of our tangoweeks, workshops are mostly english spoken.
Special in these tangoweeks is, that you have 10 lessons with the same teachers, so they can realy
build up there lessons in a week and get in contact with you.

Daily there is breakfast, coffee, tea and lunch. 5 evenings You can enjoy
a delicious threecourse meal on the terrace.
Together we take care of the dishes, terraces and dancefloor.

Organised by associations Silueta and Buiten-Gewoon

During the week you have 10 tangoworkshops, on mornings from 10.30-12.00 and on evenings
from 20.30-22.00. Workshops start on Sunday evening and end on Friday evening.
After the evening workshop there is milonga/salon dancing until late.
In the afternoons, you can use the dancefloor for private lessons or to practice.
Wednesday evening there is no lesson. So you have more time to visit the city's of Albi,
Millau or Toulouse, go to the gorges of the Tarn and have a diner in a French restaurant.