Tangovalley Program 2022

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Fully booked, sign reservelist

Experience levels:  C = 2 - 3 years of practice,  D = 3 - 5 years of practice,
E = 5+ years intensive regular practice. E+ = Master level
Tangoweeks: € 645,- p.pers.  included 10 workshops (15 hours)

03-09 July
Murat Erdemsel with Michelle
EFor info + Participation: Contact muraterdemsel@gmail.com 
24-30 JulyCéline & Alberto

Last update: 31 January 2022  -  Booking starts on 1 Febr. 2022
This program is not yet finished and may still be adapted.
About Covid-19: The situation for this year summer is looking better.
The conditions are looking to be better at the start of the summer, so we hope 
to be able to decide at the start of May if we will continue our tango program in July 2022.

This Program is arranged by the organisation of dance, art, body awareness and tango:
Stichting Buiten-Gewoon