Karin Venverloo & Joris Groenewegen (NL) 09 - 15 July 2017

In our intensive week we teach you the movements, steps, techniques that help you improve
your social dance. No complicated routines, no fancy stage figures, but easy to implement movements, dedicated to a crowded dancefloor to enchant your dance with stills and dynamics.
It might look easy, fluid and musical, but it requires skills and techniques. 

In this week we offer you valuable insight in Tango as a social dance.
Our students comments: “their love for the dance make the lessons
pure pleasure”.
"They are very precise in advising how to make a movement more connected, smoother, more stable".
“It’s such a elegant way of dancing, with so much elasticity and musicality”.

We love dancing Vals and Milonga and will offer you 'more than usual' hours of Milonga/Vals classes in this week.

We will also include a personal workshop, one to one, for each leader with Karin and for each follower with Joris. In this 'special' you will have half an hour to work on your own preferred subject.

Joris is a dedicated social dancer, dancing for 15 years. He is always on the dancefloor and prefers going to marathons, enquentros and classic milonga’s. He teached many years at the Studio of Lizelot. Joris always says you only need 9 movements, but you have to know how to combine, play, change them.

Karin started teaching in 2002. At the beginning she teached with another dancepartner mainly open style and she loved neo-tango music. Slowly this changed towards close embrace, especially after she started teaching with Joris their Sunday afternoon workshops. Now Joris and Karin teach all the weekly classes of Cheek2Cheek in Amersfoort, the Netherlands.

Here is a Video of Karin & Joris performing during the 15 years Celebration of Cheek2Cheek: